A record day for signups at BetterSexBox.com

Today was a record day for new signups here at BetterSexBox.com. Also, we have started handling orders differently. Initially we were taking orders during the month and then shipping all of the boxes out at once on the 15th. This was too much to handle for us on the 15th and it was making a mess of the payments. People were signing up on the 25th of the prior month and then waiting quite some time for their first box to ship out. Now, your box ships out when you sign up and then again on your “anniversary” day, which is the day of the month you signed up. If you sign up on the last day of the month you order will ship on the last day of every month. A new box will come out on the first of every month and then people will get that box shipped to them as the month goes by. It’s a better process for sure.