Shipped One To Puerto Rico

Today we had an order come in from Puerto Rico, then we remembered that we never addressed (bad pun) that we can ship BetterSexBoxes to any US Postal address. The next step was to update our BetterSexBox FAQ to cover this. Did you know that we can ship to any APO/FPO addresses as well? Not bad. So far, it’s been an easy morning.

Win A Free Better Sex Box

If you find that our special offer of getting your first BetterSexBox for only a single dollar is just too rich for you, perhaps you should enter our Facebook Sweepstakes. We are giving away a free BetterSexBox, no signup necessary, you just have to like our Facebook page to participate.

Better Sex Boxes Make A Great Press Kit

We are prepping a couple of press kits and were wondering what great thing to send to the magazines, then we realized that the August BetterSexBox is a pretty awesome press kit all by itself. It has a little bit of something for everyone. So, if you received a press kit from us, you should know that is what everyone received this month. Don’t worry though, you did get an extra page of information about our company. :)

A record day for signups at

Today was a record day for new signups here at Also, we have started handling orders differently. Initially we were taking orders during the month and then shipping all of the boxes out at once on the 15th. This was too much to handle for us on the 15th and it was making a mess of the payments. People were signing up on the 25th of the prior month and then waiting quite some time for their first box to ship out. Now, your box ships out when you sign up and then again on your “anniversary” day, which is the day of the month you signed up. If you sign up on the last day of the month you order will ship on the last day of every month. A new box will come out on the first of every month and then people will get that box shipped to them as the month goes by. It’s a better process for sure.

Look at us in Times Square

Our press release was shown on the PRNewsWire billboard in Times Square in New York City. They even sent us a picture of it.

Press Release Coverage

Wow, we came into the office today and found out that over 140 publications picked up our press release yesterday. That is kind of great. Here is a partial list:

Anchorage Daily News21,000 Visitors/day *

Atlanta Business Chronicle312,000 Visitors/day *

Boston Globe622,000 Visitors/day *

Business Insider819,000 Visitors/day *

Charlotte Business Journal312,000 Visitors/day *

Houston Chronicle377,000 Visitors/day *

Las Vegas Review-Journal

San Francisco Chronicle727,000 Visitors/day *

The Sacramento Bee273,000 Visitors/day *

Washington Business Journal312,000 Visitors/day *

Yahoo!59,128,000 Visitors/day *;_ylt=AjjJF5E2IlWYcuNbhEzj4r35uYdG;_ylu=X3oDMTQ4dHZtMW04BG1pdANUb3AgU3RvcnkgTGlzdCAgTm8gQ29sbGVjdGlvbgRwa2cDZmQxYWQyN2QtZTZmNy0zNTNkLWExNmUtM2E3ZTZiZDUxOGI2BHBvcwMzNwRzZWMDdG9wX3N0b3J5BHZlcgM0MjE1ODIxMC1lNzE5LTExZTEtYm
I guess we will consider this to be a successful PR launch then! Hooray. Let’s all share a toast. Here is to delivering pleasure privately.

The Big Press Release

Up until now our launch has been fairly quiet. For the past few months we have tested the service with friends, family, Facebook fans, and existing customers. Today, that all changes. Our big press release, announcing the launch of BetterSexBox to anyone in the country began. Wish us luck!

Boxes Away!

This month’s boxes left the warehouse today. They should be arriving to you in as little as two days. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Shipping Today

Today we shipped the BetterSexBoxes. This month we are going to remind you of a fun place to fool around. We hope you enjoy them!

Thanks again for choosing BetterSexBox.