Sex Toy Subscription Service
SecretSexBox ended in September of 2013.

Here is a an explanation from Tom Nardone, the founder.

It was a bit of a dud. Really. As the person most responsible for the project, I will call it like it was. It was a dud. Getting a new box of sex toys and romantic gifts every month sounds like a great idea, but in practice it wasn't. Here is what went wrong.

1. $19.95 seemed like the price that people would want to pay for such a service and most everyone agreed. Unfortunately, $19.95 doesn't buy much, even with our purchasing power. Every month we struggled to find something interested for that price. Some months we did OK.

2. Monthly is too often. Long term subscribers must have had a nightstand full of stuff.

3. Everyone has different tastes, but many items are offensive. Toys for men caused people to exit quickly, other body parts seemed to be off limits. Eventually, it seemed like we would end up shipping only bullet vibrators, which would be dud-like.

4. Our staff grew frustrated. We didn't look forward to planning it. Working on it, it felt like a dud.

5. It didn't make money and it became clear it never would. It was a financial dud.

Our other businesses are thriving. and are quite busy, people love them, and they fill customers' needs more effectively. We decided to shut down SecretSexBox and cancel everyone's subscription. The final boxes shipped in late September. Our company still exists, so feel free to contact us about any customer service issues or press inquiries.